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How to apply for to become a Tenant 

When you have decided to take a property, you need to apply to become the tenant. There is a non refundable Tenancy Application fee of £75 per person over the age of 18 (minors under the age of 18 are free).Simply select the appropriate fee, add your details and click Pay Now to link to our secure on line store where you can pay by credit card and Pay Pal account.You will also need to fill out a tenancy application form for each tenant.


ONE PERSON  Applying £75

TWO PERSONS Applying £150

THREE PERSONS Applying £225

Your Letting agent will take a number of details  from you in order to further process your application once payment has cleared.


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Pet Bond + Agreement 

If you have pets when you move in you will need to pay a Pet Bond. This will vary according to the number and type of pets and we will advise accordingly. However where the pet is a dog or a cat then the standard Pet Bond will be £300. 

We will prepare a separate Pet Agreement which is an addendum to the main Tenancy Agreement. We charge a small fee of £25 for this which does NOT form part of the bond and is non-refundable. You can pay this combined fee of £300 + our fee of £25, on-line now by clicking left. 

NB If after you have moved in you decide to take on a Pet during the Tenancy, you will need to get the Landlord's approval first  before paying the Pet Bond fee.

Enter name of Property
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Other Agency Fees ( making changes to Agreements etc)

Occasionally you may need us to create an Addendum to your Tenancy Agreement or provide  another agency service. Our fees are listed in the drop down menu left. After discussing the matter with us, simply select the appropriate fee, add your details and click Pay Now to link to our secure on line store where you can pay by credit card and Pay Pal account.  These fees may be for:-

Adding additional people to the agreement ( Admin Fee applies)

Unlocking your property if you can't find your keys (Emergency Access Fee)

Making changes to an existing Agreement  ( Addendum Fee applies)

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Sundry costs

From time to time Tenants may wish to purchase items or make payments for specific items by credit card. Simply select the appropriate choice from the options on the left. If the value comes to more than the stated amount then you may need to make a combination of purchases or use the 2nd 'Pay now' button which allows you to enter a specific amount. You will be directed to our on line store where you can pay by credit card or Pay Pal account.  These fees may be for:-

Purchasing furniture for a sum agreed with us our our landlords

Paying for damage not covered by the Bond

Any payments that you would like to make with a credit card.  



After you have made payment  and whilst we are checking references , we will list the property as being 'UNDER REFERENCE'. We will not show the property to any other party during this time. Please note that applying to become the Tenant(s) of a property is 'Subject to Contract' and does not bind either  party until the Tenancy Agreement is signed.

All properties offered by this agency will require you to pay a Bond equivalent of at least one months rent as well as paying the first months rent  in advance.The Tenancy Application Fee is a charge that is made to check your references  and prepare the tenancy paperwork for a specific property. It  is not part of the Bond, or a downpayment of rent. 


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