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Your name has been given by the tenant as a referee and we value your views. When a tenant applies for one of our properties we need to make sure that they are going to be well suited to the premises, that the info they have provided is correct and that they have been a good tenant in the past .

To help us process the tenant's application for their new home please could you fill out the short form (right) answering as honestly as possible (see our confidentiality statement below).

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The information that you give will NOT BE DISCLOSED to anyone and most especially not to the Tenant who is applying . All information that you give will be treated in the strictest of confidence  for the sole purpose of reporting to the Landlord as to the suitability of the Tenant and to verify the information supplied.

Please note that the Tenant understands that :-

  1. The Landlord is under no obligation to accept their application and that all matters are 'subject to contract' and 'suitable references' being obtained.
  2. If we decline to accept a Tenant due to poor references we will not under any cirumstances, state the reasons.

                 Many thanks for your help!


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