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Q1 A Ltd Company wants a 6 month let for relocating an employee. Do you
Advise that this will cannot be an AST under the 1988 Housing Act
Sign them up on an 1988 Housing Act AST with all rent to be paid up front
Sign them up under an AST but have a larger bond than normal

Q2 What is the HHSRS?
Its a Health and Safety scoring system used by Council EHO's
Its relates to the housing health and safety regulations for students
Its the dispute resolution service for the custodial deposit protection scheme

Q3 Failing to get an Annual Gas Safety Certificate done can result in ?
The Landlord being fined up to £5000
A fine up to £5000 and a prison sentence of up to 6 months
A warning entered against the Landlord on the Gas Safe Register

Q4 3 months after an AST has started you need the house back. Do you
Serve a Section 8 notice immediately giving 2 months notice
Serve a Section 8 notice giving 28 days notice
Serve a Section 21 notice giving 3 months notice

Q5 A tenant's relative wants to pay 18 months rent up front. Do you
Accept but point out that there is no refund under an AST
Consider calling the SFO as you suspect money laundering
Hold this in a separate account to safeguard relative's money

Q6 The Tenant's solicitor emails and gives notice to quit. Do you
Start to market the property immediately
Confirm a date with the tenant to market the property
Wait until the notice period is up before marketing

Q7 Your tenant calls and says that the drains are blocked. Do you
Check to see if any other houses are affected
Tell them to call in a jetting company and that they must pay
Tell them to call in a jetting company and sort out costs later

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